Wide Open Space 2015 invites you….yes, YOU!



Way out beyond the black stump is a place….a place of wonder, a place infused with stories and mystery, a place of extraordinary characters, otherworldly sounds and rivers that run underground, a place where Bunyips sunbake  and bearded fellows wear remarkable frocks………..
this place is  W I D E  O P E N  S P A C E

This is not a normal festival. Why?
Well…..it just isn’t. It’s hard to explain.
You really need to come to experience it for yourself.
We look forward to seeing you!

The Site

Wide Open Space is held at Ross River Resort, at the mouth of the ancient N’Dhala Gorge which has been sculpted over the last 3-400 million years, nestled in the East MacDonnell Ranges, 80kms out from Alice Springs in Central Australia.

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Applications are now open for all aspects of music performance.

Wide Open Space always takes an interesting musical journey throughout the festival. We program anything if its good enough ….sorry, to clarify, we program MANY things….   Pubrock covers bands need not apply.  

Live bands, Electronic producers, Hip Hop crews, Superstar DJs,  acoustic acts,  yodelling quartets and anything in between.    Keep it interesting, keep it fresh, keep it real.

Get onto it HERE!