Wide Open Space acknowledges and pays respects the Arrernte people – Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land we festival on.. Particular respect goes to Damien Ryder, who is the custodian for the Ross RIver Resort site.

For three days, Wide Open Space becomes part of the majestic MacDonnell Ranges. People, lights and music are temporarily stitched into a patchwork of rocks, River Redgums and sand. The land has seen many transformations; 700 million years ago the geology was laid down, and 400 million years ago it went through upheaval to form the Ranges…it’s been waiting for you ever since.

Wide Open Space promises to feed your mind, tickle your artistic fancy and get your booty shaking. The festival explores the mental, emotional, social, cultural and environmental landscapes of the desert. It is a chance to connect with like minded individuals and celebrate the beauty of this incredible landscape while having one helluva hoedown.

2016 will be the 8th annual festival. The festival is made possible by a dedicated crew of magnificent misfits and is the only event of its kind in Central Australia.  For many, it provides the opportunity to experience the heart of our country for the very first time. For the people of the NT,  it’s the best godayum party of the year.

In addition to the fine music & arts program, WoS also offers a tasty selection of Workshops, a small-person district known as Kids Space and a well-stocked Market Place with food, crafts and other special delights prepared by thoughtful folks..

Arriving: Gates open at Midday Friday. Please do not arrive earlier than this and expect to get in .

Our “Good People Policy”
Is what a gathering like this thrives on. Quite simply it goes like this: DON’T BE A DICKHEAD.   Jumping the fence, theft, agression or abuse of any kind and any general douchebaggery will not be tolerated and you’ll be asked to leave with no ticket refund.  Just don’t…..it’s embarrasing for everyone.  Just be “good people” and everyone will be good people back to you. Simple right?

No Dogs:
While we love our dogs please make alternative arrangements for your canine friends. No dogs are allowed at the venue during the festival.

Camping & Parking
Is included in your ticket price- check site info for more details.

Alcohol Policy:
WoS has a licensed bar selling beer & cider on tap, wine and spirits for reasonable money. We also supply re-usable cups for a deposit – you’ll want to keep them as souvenirs!

IMPORTANT: Beacause we’re licensed, it means that Wide Open Space is strictly NO BYO. Cars will be inspected on arrival. Any alcohol found will be confiscated – no exceptions.

Cash Money Y’all
Is what you need to bring. There is limited eftpos facility at the resort.

Showers & Toilets
Shower will be limited to a couple of hours a day. Get in or miss out!  There is flush loos and composting loos available 24/7.

Safety, Security & First Aid
First and foremost: Look after yourself and each other! We want everyone to stay in one piece during the festival, so please don’t do anything stupid. You’re in the desert – dehydration is a real problem, especially when partying. While the site is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and mountains, we strongly recommend against attempting to climb them! Also – the Traditional Owners ask all festival goers to not climb the big Ridge to the South of the campsite for cultural reasons.

Security Guards are on patrol and will keep a low profile where possible. To help maintain this low profile, please don’t do anything stupid that requires security guards to intervene. Look after each other, be cool. As the festival has a NO BYO ALCOHOL policy, security will confiscate any alcohol found in the festival site.

First Aid will be available on site.


NO Camp Fires! With extremely dry bushland and a tightly-packed sea of tents and people, individual campfires are a really, really dumb idea. We provide clear and safe communal fires in the festival site; please enjoy these rather than risk the safety of everyone else. Don’t be the goose that makes us evacuate the whole festival site!


WOS has “leave no trace” policy. If you bring it in, you take it out.  We encourage the reuse of drinking vessels and the absolute minimisation of rubbish.

Cigarette Smokers – Don’t be a Ciggy Butt-brain. Pocket your butts or find a bin. It’s 2016 seriously!