Wide Open Space (please, call me WOS) comes straight out of the Central Australian community. Many people have invested their time and sweat (not too much blood & tears thankfully) into building the event into what it is now.  The first festival in 2009 was originally an idea to generate some cash to buy our own Sound System. Really it was just a good excuse to throw a party for our friends and get some mates from around Australia to see the wonder and majesty of the Red Centre. We never made the money for the PA, but we still love hosting the festival 10 years later! 

The festival has steadily grown from around 500 in the first year to around 2500 in 2018. We had a rest year in 2019, and then postponed in 2020 due to covid.  WOS has built a strong reputation for interesting music and engaging experimental arts, particularly showing performers that are emerging in their respective fields and showcasing Central Australian artists alogside to national acts.  Our philosophy is to develop a program that is innovative and distinct from most other festivals, with a strong desert flavour.  The commitment and support of our local community has kept us afloat and drives us to take on the challenge every year. Mad respect to the desert massive![/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2009 Poster