WOS17 Market Stall Application

OK Then...

Thank you for considering to contribute to WOS17 through a market stall.  Please note that stall fees apply and you will be invoiced for those fees prior to the event. Payment will be required to secure an offered booking. Entry for staff is in addition to the stall fee, although at a discounted rate depending on circumstances.

Alrighty then:

Describe what you plan to sell, layout of stall etc
Staff tickets are based on 3 x 8 hour shifts per ticket
How much power do you require? We will do our best to accommodate your power requirements, but please note that power comes from generators hired specifically to meet the requested demand. Additional power WILL NOT be available if not confirmed through the application process. The costs associated are aim to recover the costs of running your stall.
We have limited coolroom space but we will do our best to make coolroom space available to you and as convenient as possible within the limits of the venue.

Public Liability Insurance

NOTE: Public Liability is required
Please attach a copy of your public liability insurance