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Notes for Applicants:

  • Try and keep files to upload (photos etc) under 10mb, with a total upload for the whole form of 25mb.  Otherwise the form may not submit.
  • When you submit the form, you should see a screen saying: “Thanks for applying to perform at Wide Open Space 2016. etc etc”.  If you do not see this, If you do not see this and the screen resets with an empty form, it means that the form has not submitted correctly and will need to be re-submitted.  Hit Back on your browser and the filled-out form should re-appear
  • You should also receive an email confirming the app has been lodged
  • We have a broad music taste, but covers bands, straight-up rock acts and anything that labels itself “EDM”, is not really what we program. What we are looking for is innovative and engaging, regardless of the genre.
  • We get over 300 applications each year – we program around 30 to 40 acts. That’s 10% of applications.  It’s a hard process to whittle it down. If you are not successful, it may not be because we don’t like your music or support your art. It may be that we can’t afford your fee request, or the travel costs or just that their are too many applications, not enough sets.  Make your application as strong as possible – include all info and supporting material.



Band / Act Details


Contact Details


Emergency Contact Details


Upload your bits

  • You can upload jpg, gif, pdf, word, zip, excel or open office files. PLEASE KEEP THE FILES UNDER 10mb.
  • If you have a hard copy media kit, CDs or want to bake us a cake, we'd love you to send them to us!:

    • Wide Open Space
      PO Box 1411
      Alice Springs
      NT 0871



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