bec webBec Mathews

From her early beginnings as a classical pianist, Bec Matthews has travelled a diverse and cosmopolitan musical path, which has lead to her to pursue her talents as a multi-instrumentalist, in particular the kora (21 string West African Harp). Bec’s musical repertoire also includes the kamelngoni (West African hunter’s harp) and bolong (African gourd bass) along with trumpet, sousaphone, guitar, assorted percussion and voice.

As an artist who crosses musical and cultural boundaries, Bec fuses her own original music with influences from traditional West African, Middle Eastern and World Fusion music. Her original songs and music reflect Bec’s personal journey and worldview, echoing her extensive studies with West African musical masters and travels through remote Australia and elsewhere.

Working closely with Gambian artist King Marong, Bec has been a dynamic and pivotal member of the ‘Safara Music School’ which enjoys a reputation for its uplifting and community-minded spirit. As a part of this project Bec has been involved in numerous exciting collaborations incorporating art and music, including drum making, drumming and dance, African story telling and interactive performance.

Swinging from stomping swamp blues to classical West African folk songs and a myriad of styles in between, Bec Matthews is an artist of diverse talent and will take you on a journey to far flung corners of the globe and back.