WOS A3 Poster final-1Cutlery presents: “WIDE OPEN SPACE ODYSSEY” Pool Party

Cutlery is the dj collective of Brother Moonbug and Katapult Smith. Together they are responsible for the successful Cutlery club night and radio show in Alice Springs. Cutlery sets are a journey for the dance floor, bringing a unique combination of house music, disco, afro and techno. Long term vinyl collectors and music obsessives, Cutlery will dig deep into their collection of dance floor weapons for their 5th consecutive Pool Party.

Amongst the seasoned WOS traveller, the pool party is unmissable, and Cutlery are renowned for perfectly crafting it’s soundtrack. The WOS Pool Party is like stepping into another world. It’s bright, colourful and the vibes are undeniably ecstatic. At this lush desert oasis, things may get a little crazy.

THEME: Like Major Tom, be transported to the final frontier. A strange cosmic world, difficult to comprehend by any ordinary means. You will need all of your 21 senses intact for this journey to the outer realms. Is there anybody out there?  Come and party with space oddities, spaceboys, spacegirls, scary monsters, aliens, astronauts, cosmonauts, stars, planets, moons, suns and space junk.  Rumour has it the international space station will be beaming a transmission from above the Central Australian landscape to blast you off into a dancing mayhem.