ediEdi Donald & The Transients

Alice Springs ethereal, trans-genre, genre-warpers Edi Donald and the Transients challenge the limits of physical and musical boundaries.  Genres do little to describe their sound.

It’s a feeling. An experience. A sense.  It’s like falling down the rabbit hole and finding something strangely familiar.

They are cinematic, somehow nostalgic, gritty, progressive and layered. The isolation and vast spaciousness of the central desert has ebbed into their music and a commitment to truth telling delivers a raw and authentic song writing style. Edi Donald and the Transients deliver a visually rich, electro-acoustic sound of dreams.

The band is led by the honest songwriting and theatrical, stunning vocals of Edi Donald. Edi is a rugged songsmith with an emotive voice and vivid lyricism that embodies the archetype of androgyny, fiercely and intentionally defying definition. As a transgender artist, Edi seeks to give voice to the beautiful spectrum of gender and human identities. Influenced by musical legends like Elizabeth Frazer, Patti Smith, Anohni, Bjork, Kate Bush and more, Edi’s songs explore identity, isolation and inclusion and question the individual’s connection to social responsibility.