knobs-eye Knobs

If any producer can be known as a wayfarer, then Knobs truly encompasses this archetype. Having lived and traveled across Africa, Asia, North America, Australasia and Europe since his birth in Rome, his experiences are wide, varied and are now echoed through his musical production.

Since childhood he has had a strong passion and curiosity for a variety of musical genres. He discovered and fell in love with Techno after hearing Jeff Mills and Paco Osuna perform in 2008. Additionally inspired by the analog sets at the raves in Rome, he began to experiment with his own creativity.

Knobs has a passion for acquiring inspiration from the sounds surrounding his life; stretching from different musical genres to all urban and natural soundscapes. His style in Techno is well known for its prominent drive and bass laced with fine cut rhythmics topped with dark, organic atmospheres evoking a primordial and mystical essence.