red-dirt-crew-bbb-money-shotRed Dirt Crew

aka: D7’z and E Town Boyz and Hill Boyz are three Indigenous Hip Hop groups from the Barkly region of the NT from three Aboriginal communities spanning a radius of 700 kms. Desert Sevenz began as an Ampilatwatja only group which expanded in 2014 to include the communities of Epenarra and Elliott; With members ranging from 19-23 years of age, they live in what’s known as the Barkly region.

Their songs incorporate traditional language, social issues, dreamtime stories and cultural history. In 2014 they worked with Hip Hop producer, Monkey Marc on three new tracks; Alyawarr Hip Hop, Because of our skin and Make the Change. In 2015 they were given the National Local Government Award in the ‘Arts Animates’ category which saw two members flown to Canberra to meet with politicians about the Barkly Youth Program ‘Desert Cultures’. This program is a youth diversion initiative by Barkly Regional Council, collaborating with music producers Monkey Marc and Beatrice Lewis. They won the NIMA Award for best community film clip ‘Fly Back Home’ in 2014, a collaboration with Desert Pea media.

They have played at festivals including; Wide Open Space 2016, 2015, Nannup Festival 2016, Sand Tracks Tour 2016, Bush Band Bash 2016, 2015