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If you’re looking for a straight line, you’re looking at the wrong girl. Wonqi Rose is a connoisseur of sounds from every corner of the planet, whether it’s digging deep to shed light on the freshest tracks or creating a journey from the comfortable to the bazaar. Massively influenced by hip hop, urban style and that mad underground gangsta flavour, Wonqi takes this and fuses it with a dash of the deep and dark, yet holds it all together with the most beautiful and eclectic of sounds. The backbone of the Wonqi Rose experience always remains the bass.

This Australian born Rose spent her formative years in the South of England, where the music reverberating at the iconic festivals planted a seed and her love of bass music was born. However, it was Melbourne’s underground scene that took that seed, planted it firmly and allowed it to blossom in 2014, when her musical career began.

In just a short time, her journey of dedication and inspiration has proven Wonqi Rose to be one of the most driven acts among the scene. This drive has lead to her working with some of Melbourne’s most forward thinking crews, including: Twisted Audio, Uncomfortable Beats, Off the Record, Whomp Music, Electro Swing Club Australia, Oscillate, Culture Jam, Rubix Arthouse, Awesomesauce,The Brink to name just a few..