Bass-Bug-WOS-16-2Bass Bug presents: Roll Deep

The Bass Bug is in its second year of existence has almost developed into a fully fledged bad ass bug that brings the bass; Always Juicy, Fresh, and Funky. This time round bringing a nice mobile sound system build from high end – competition quality car audio gear. Feel the bass and be amazed at the same time at the psychedelic art and lights, while music, art and dance combine to bring something that unique and fresh to the centre.

It has travelled to; Desert Harmony Festival 2014 as the Watermelon and Wide Open Space 2014, Burning Seed in 2015 and 2016 and also to Wide Open Space in 2016.

This year we bring the Roll Deep crew – Flim Flam, Professor Prawn and False BeingsĀ  to rock out on the Bass Bug – watch us put the “Bass” in “Bass Bug”