Few DJs or promoters have changed the shape of Melbourne’s music scene quite like Jerry Poon. JPS, as he’s also known, is not the average DJ that frequent decks around the city; he’s an advocate for experimental and progressive electronic music that has not only brought new music to new ears, but has turned his hometown into a hub for forward-thinking artists, supporting and showcasing local talent and international musicians

From bringing the freshest sounds from across the world, spanning hip-hop to soul to samba in less time than it takes to order a drink, a JPS DJ set will have a crowd dancing like no other. His diverse tastes and years as a crate-digging-collector are always on point no matter the crowd, be it art gallery openings or 3am hidden warehouse sets, his ear for the right beat at the right time will always have a dance floor moving. His Djing talent is no secret, having played across the world to sell out crowds, from Singapore to the UK and most recently as Flying Lotus’s tour DJ across North America, as well as supporting artists of all genres across Australia.

Alongside his producing, promoting and Djing, Jerry Poon is the founder and head of The Operatives: a collective of musicians, tours and the infamous Espionage events. Promoting innovative producers and raising the bar for electronic music across Australia.  JPS not only showcases talented musicians through The Operatives but is also focused on fostering the music and culture community locally through curated nights for Melbourne Music Week, the inaugural White Night and co-founded the already highly acclaimed New Years Day’s boutique festival Let Them Eat Cake.