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DaDa & the Hapalou come from a land of messy hair, dirty beats, and cheeky smiles. Their musical connection began on a river and has flowed together ever since. Delving into a myriad of genres and countless bottles of red wine the two combine their roots and limbs with a collection of their favorite tracks.

Hapalou has a history as a collector of vintage folk, rock, and blues vinyl and is now a traveler into the depths of bass and rhythms. He draws from all that has come before to put forth familiar and futuristic vibrations.

DaDa hails from nomads who possess an insight into the soul. It is this realm she is able to permeate the surface and bring forth an understanding of music few can match. Whether she is playing gypsy, swing, world funk, or German Electro, Hapalie fuses together her wide musical background.