is the project of Bozzie Boswell from Melbourne Australia. Bozzie Boswell started his music career as the guitarist in the well-known funk band ‘Roger David and the Colostomy Bag Sandwich’. At the height of their career on a sold out tour front man Triangle Steve overdosed on glue. It wasn’t the fumes that killed him but he accidentally glued his mouth and nostrils shut and suffocated.  The band and the world devastated and in pieces. After several attempts to make a Christmas album with Lionel Richie the band fell apart and Bozzie Boswell fled to Tibet to follow his spiritual destiny.  After not speaking or talking for 30 years on top of a mountain in Tibet, Mother Teresa visited him in a dream and told him he had reached his spiritual destination and was to move to Brunswick and buy a laptop and start making some beats, and here we are.