Born in Newcastle and raised in the red dirt of central Australia James Shakeshaft aka ‘Shake’ is no stranger to the land he calls home. By the time James had finished school he had lived in 3 states and 2 countries.  Shake grew up living in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, NT. He was immersed into a desert/bush culture from an early stage of his childhood before moving to NSW for the second half of his school life.

James has always had a strong passion to play Football, but after a hiking trip through India and Nepal and at the age of 16 he turned down an opportunity to further his sporting career in Germany, instead opting to go and live in Brazil. James fell in love with the massive Reggae culture while there and has continued growing as a musician ever since. Writing and performing acoustic solo shows for a few years before moving to Melbourne where friend and fellow producer ‘Bricklaya’ introduced Shake to the world of audio design and electronic music production. The last 12 months have been quiet but extremely productive, Shake is well into writing his debut full length album as well as multiple new collaborations and has just completed his Diploma of Sound Production at Byron Bay’s SAE Institute.  The last 7 years have seen James exploring every aspect of sound and it’s capabilities. He has been learning to express his journey through soundscapes and manipulation.