Formed in August 2013, iiah is an Ambient, expansive post-rock from Adelaide, Australia. iiah is Tim Day (vocals, keyboards), Matthew Stedman (drums), Nick Rivett (guitars) and Ben Twartz (guitars, vocals) and Aaron Fuller (bass). After releasing their EP in 2015, iiah launched their debut album “Distances” in 2017 which was released to critical acclaim internationally. iiah are in the process of writing their second full length album, due out early 2020 which aims to build on it’s previous endeavors to create ambient soundscapes and post-rock. Returning to Wizard Tone Studios in Adelaide, Australia which produced the first album Distances with well-known producer James Brown and mastered by Jarrad Payne, this album is their most adventurous project yet, bringing together old and new influences.

iiah build their sound around atmospheric and heavy soundscapes and soaring vocals, with a strong melodic focus behind the wall of sound. They draw on influences such as Sigur Ros, sleepmakeswaves, We Lost The Sea, Ranges, Hammock and Caspian.