A13 (The Operatives / Crucial.Social.Sound / Heavy Innit!!)

With years of DJ experience under his belt, and having played in the band The Red-Eyes, with Affiks as Affiks & A13 (Heavy Innit!!) and now a member of the collective The Operatives.A13 has helped introduce Australia to the dubstep, jungle and bass music sound that has spawned from underground studios all over the globe.

A13 manages to mix genres together seamlessly, smashing jungle into hip hop, dubstep into heavy bass half time beats never knowing where you are going to end up.Playing well-known festivals and club shows all over Australia and internationally. Some of his highlights being Let Them Eat Cake, Earth Frequency, Summer Daze and Big Day Out . He has also supported some of his favorite headline acts including Dj Krush, Om unit, Digital Mystikz and Flying Lotus just to name a few.