Max Von & Bumble:

The solo musical projects of ‘Bumble’ and ‘Max Vøn’ are a hive of vibrations set into the air by a love for audio production.   ‘Bumble’ weaves sonically diverse, bass wobbling, funk centered, glitchy creations together to soothe the soul in a down-tempo or mid-tempo dance scenario.  And, ‘Max Vøn’ is the mid-tempo progressive bush tech-house productions that are his new focus. The unifying theme of his music reflects nature, experience, perception and aspires to spark connections.   

With more than 13 releases under his belt, and one on the way in 2021, ‘Max Vøn & Bumble’ sets can cover the realms of down beat or up beat mid tempo dancefloor journeys.

Look out for the upcoming release 2021.