Dipterra and VJ GRROWLZ

Dipterra pours themself into the music pulling the dancefloor into a high energy fever.

Live electronic music and vocals soaked in insatiable industrial tension and darkwave present absence. Dipterra makes punchy dance with a hard edge to their infectious melodies – it is all about the contrast, texture, build and drop.

VJ GRROWLZ is a pirate and a producer, they cut and paste tangled feeling through live mixing short loops of the beloved file format . VJ GRROWLZ is here with an appetite for emotion: the confronting, uncomfortable, familiar, and joyous. They indulge in the associative play of images and visual rhythm. 

Dipterra and VJ GRROWLZ are Alice Springs based and regularly make hot and sweaty shows.  They have performed at BLACKEN Open Air Metal Festival, Paladium Circus, Montes Supporting Death by Carrot, and numerous desert dance parties.