Femme Funkale

Femme Funkale is a collective of wild, women from the Top End. These women bring the party, with DJs, lush decor, costumes and choreography, delivering dozens of tropidelic gigs to sell out Darwin crowds. Femme Funkale is pushing back on eco-grief with its latest offering Tropocalypse – a playspace to dance, connect and create community.

Femme Funkale is renowned for transforming spaces into amazing troppo-inspired landscapes and dishing up an exotic array of bootilicious beats, pop up performances, saucy surprises and wild costumes and choreography.

They serve up a vast collection of genres ranging from, dancehall, latin, soul, breaks, funk and disco, hip hop and beyond with a bassy troppo thread from Djs Miss Possum, Lay Dee Loopin & Nukebox.

Femme Funkales latest offering, Tropocalypse provides a space for humans experiencing eco-grief and the sweaty effects of climate change to connect, shake off the weight of the world and come together with survival kits in hand.