Co-owner and Content Manager of Addictech.com and Addictech Records, Hypnotech has direct access to the upfront music of leading labels and artists in the international underground community.

Focusing on booty warping bass heavy dancefloor transmissions, dedication to cultivating the finest in electronic music is obvious in every set. With unlimited access to thousands of the world’s best artists and labels, performances contain a broad palette of the sounds of the future in combination with classics, original productions, remixes and collaborations.

Becoming a fixture in the underground San Francisco circuit in 2000 and expanding from there to an international stage, Hypnotech has played an endless amount of festivals, clubs, and underground renegades with his hi fidelity sound around the world. Specializing in musical journeys with a psychedelic edge, the commitment to presenting underground music to the global community is notorious, from peak time dancefloor insanity to ambient out of body experiences.

Currently settling down for a moment in Melbourne, he is one of the regular DJ’s you will hear at the majority of outdoor festivals in Australasia, with occasional returns to the US and strange sightings in the strangest of places, catch him while you can.