Liam Niko

For many years, Liam Niko has been pushing and pulling the envelope around Australia with a purpose – Vibes.

Disposing of his “Moista Cloista” moniker and placing the sledge in the mirky shadows of his musical background, Liam has taken ownership of his namesake with an explosive growth in a multitude of directions.

Ranging from his instantly recognizable history of deep & dark dubstep, and currently walking the steady path of intelligent Neuro DnB, Liam can also be expected to bring forth the filth or a flow of genres also including Glitch Hop, Halfstep, Hip Hop, Wonky and anything that shakes a crowd harder than a bad babysitter.

This sympathy for the sub has found Liam standing tall along side both nationally and internationally recognized artists including Tipper (UK), The Upbeats (NZ), Shapeshifter (NZ), Youngsta (UK), Truth (NZ), J:Kenzo (UK), Culprate (UK), Opiuo (AU), Dov1 (US), Eprom (US) and Thriftworks (US)…