Mras Nitzi

Mras Nitzi (Mръсници), Bulgarian for “filthy people”, is a DJ project that walks the line between the staunch, the sexy and the strange.
This Boss Babe of Bass is an eclectic and dynamic selector sure to drop jaws with her track choices, flowing from old school beasts to fresh flavours from around the world, focusing on big bass & broken beats.

Her sassy sense of humour cuts through her mixes to catch you off guard and makes you question what you’ve been doing with your life so far, because these tunes are so filthy that you find yourself scrubbing the floor when they drop.

Delivering a hyperactive spectrum of music that ranges from strong female vocals over 808s to dnb , from deep breaks to breakcore, from hip hop & grime to electronic cumbia & afrobeats, from glitch & idm to intricate chill & triphop, and so much more in between.

Predicting these sets is as futile as resisting enjoyment. This is a ride with an unknown destination and a badass curator, who sometimes doesn’t know herself where the set could end up.

So strap yourself in and get yourself a dose of Mras Nitzi, you filthy, filthy people.