Purple Patch

The ‘Purple Patch’ are a band of four Alice Springs born and bred musicians. Brothers Joey (drums) & Jeffrey (bass) Klarenbeek make up the rhythm section with Simeon Shepherd on lead guitar and Darcy Davis at the helm on organ and vocals.

Musically, the band delves into influences from ‘The Doors’ to ‘Parliament Funkadelic’ whilst taking a jam band mentality to opening up their arrangements through extended improvised sections dubbed ‘Patches’. The colour purple is represented in their sound with lighter shades of funk and blues through to darker hues of rock and grunge.

Formed in June 2019 the band have played a string of gigs that have enthralled spectator’s at event’s such as Palladium Circus, 8CCC Transmission fundraiser and hosted the Jump Inn Jams consistently for several months. Their high energy live performances traverse a kaleidoscope of styles from psych, disco, funk and hip hop – to delight, surprise and keep you audiences to the floor.