The Ironing Maidens

Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, technology and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their live electronic performance art piece.

Ingeniously adapting real irons and ironing boards into electronic instruments to create breakthrough music (and a new genre – electro housewife!).

The Ironing Maidens have toured Europe, playing Germany’s famous Fusion Festival, The Performing Arts Festival Berlin, featured at Byron Bay’s Falls Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Jungle Love, The Planting Festival, were finalists in the Grant McLennan Fellowship and won a John Chataway Innovation Award for their shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2019. The show is timely, relevant and thought provoking, but at the same time wholly entertaining and funny. It’s a mix of music, visuals, costumes lighting, dancing, heaps of energy and plenty of ironing puns.

“From the techno banger of the title track to the ambient synthesis of ‘The Dangers of Ironing’, The Ironing Maidens have brought the invisibility of women’s work and influence [in the industry] to the forefront.” – Purple Sneakers