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    All volunteers are required to pre-purchase a ticket before they can be considered for volunteering. The ticket purchase will be refunded after you have completed your allocated hours and tasks. PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are only refunded to the account they are purchased from by the ticketting system. To make your refund easier please purchase your own ticket (ie. If your friend has purchased your ticket - the refund will go to them through the ticketting system).
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  • Being specific to your skills and interests really helps us to best allocate you to a role. PLEASE NOTE - It may not be possible to allocate you to your exact area of interest.
  • Which dates are you available to volunteer?
  • How would you best describe yourself??
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  • I understand that I will not receive any renumeration in exchange for my work with Wide Open Space Festival. I acknowledge that I will only receive a refund for my ticket purchase if I honour my commitment to a minimum of 10 hours AND complete the required paperwork.