2023 Family Program

The WOS Family Space is the place to be for little and big kids alike! From tots to teens, there’s plenty happening across the weekend to suit all ages. Jump in on the action of a workshop or event, or just kick back and relax in the Comfy Cushion Corner, read a story from the Book Nook, and take a load off.

Come nighttime, the party continues as the Family Space transforms into our Youth Hub - a safe and inclusive space for teens to hang.

Family Day Passes are available for either Saturday or Sunday for 2 adults and up to 5 kids!

    • 7pm - Strange Frames Disco
    • 8:30 am - Big Sun Yoga
    • 10 am - Hula Hooping/Juggle Jam Workshop
    • 11:30 am - Floopy’s Fuzzled Feelings
    • 1 pm - Maggie & Friends - Roving Puppets
    • 2:30 pm - Anna Thomson Comedy - Clowning Around
    • 4 pm - Miss Friby - ‘All That Jazz’ Dance Workshop
    • 7 pm - No Lights No Lycra
    • 8 pm - Sly Guy Disco
    • 8:30 am - Big Sun Yoga
    • 10 am - Floopy’s Fuzzled Feelings
    • 12 pm - Maggie & Friends - Roving Puppets
    Strange Frames Disco

    Oskar and Trewlea are veteran video artists. This year they present "Strange Frames Disco" - a kids party installation, with interactive projections that respond to your dancing. But of course it's not just for kids, everyone is welcome!

    Hula Hooping/Juggle Jam Workshop

    Join circus & aerial artist Adelaide out the front of the Family Space Dome for some hula hooping and juggling fun! It’ll get your hips moving and your hands going; can you do both at once?!

    Big Sun Yoga

    Let loose, stretch out and get wavy with Big Sun Yoga.

    Frolic with Thea through a yoga-scape of playful poses, song, relaxation, and meditation. Flatten out like a pancake, fly like a superhero and roar like a lion cub.  

    Big Sun Yoga is open to children of all sizes, shapes and beliefs. This experience is designed for little yogis aged 3-7 years but big kids welcome too (even grown-ups).

    Thea keeps her cool with yoga and music meditation at home in Mparntwe. She cares for mums and bubs at the hospital and finds harmony with Alice Sings. She laughs loudly and sometimes forgets to use her “inside voice”. Thea’s kids yoga adventures began with Live to Serve Academy on the east coast.

    Floopy’s Fuzzled Feelings

    Floopy is a frazzled little monster, who's all fuzzed up with big emotions. Like most little monsters, Floopy is sometimes fueled up with fantastic feels! But other times, without even knowing, Floopy's flooded with frenzies of fiery frustration. Come join Floopy on a colourful, multisensory journey to discover what each of Floopy's different emotions feel like in her body. This theatre performance engages the audience with social & emotional learning, as the audience learns strategies to recognise and cope with emotions alongside Floopy. (aimed at 3-8 year olds, but for the whole family to enjoy). 

    Written and performed by Lili Favrel and Jasmine Story. 

    Maggie & Friends - Roving Puppets

    Meet Maggie and her puppet friends as they rove around WOS and come say hi at the Family Space! Perhaps you’ll meet cheeky Oneye Onetooth from Oneplanet, have your portrait drawn by wise old Stifin Tomsun the artist, or spot Malaluka the water dragon that LOVES grubs! Just watch out - sometimes they confuse them with your fingers!

    Anna Thomson Comedy - Clowning Around

    Join professional clown/funny person, Anna Thomson, for a fun and engaging workshop in physical comedy, improv, and clowning. Great fun for little and big kids alike, and sure to tickle your funny bone!

    Keep an eye out, also, for the Scarecrow on stilts, wandering around the Festival grounds, pursued by pesky birds!

    Miss Friby - ‘All That Jazz’ dance workshop

    Join Melbourne’s boldest showgirl, Miss Friby, for this fabulously fun dance workshop - the bush backdrop of WOS will melt away as we’re transported in our imaginations to the bright lights of Broadway! No experience required, just a sense of fun as we learn a dance routine sure to win a Tony award!

    No Lights No Lycra

    No Lights No Lycra is a global dancing in the dark movement. This Family NLNL is a safe space to come and shake it out together with your littles (or bigs). A bit different to our weekly sessions in Mparntwe – this session is focused on dancing as a whole family, not individually. As with all our sessions the music will be diverse, with something for everyone. So grab your babe or your bestie and bust your best moves in the dark with us!

    Sly Guy Disco

    Sly guy (aka HAVACHAT) was born into the WOS family and has grown up with WOS shaping his tastes and character. 

    This 10-year-old is a dancer at heart and chooses tunes that gets his body moving and his brain popping. Expect the latest dance floor pop tunes to get the family space pumping.